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Multiple Force-Pulse Synthesis

One method of generating multiple force pulses as shown in Fig.9.31 is to sum several single-pulse filters, as shown in Fig.9.33. Furthermore, the three input impulses can be generated using a single impulse into a tapped delay line2.5). The sum of the three filter outputs gives the desired superposition of three hammer-string force pulses. As the collision velocity $ v_c$ increases, the output pulses become taller and thinner, showing less overlap. The filters LPF1-LPF3 can be given $ v_c$ as side information, or the input impulse amplitudes can be set to $ v_c$, or the like.

Figure 9.33: Multiple hammer-string interaction force-pulse as the superposition of impulse-responses of a parallel lowpass-filter (LPF) bank.

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