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Thanks to Bill Putnam, former teaching assistant, for creating initial versions of many of the figures in this book and their associated Matlab scripts. Also, many of the figures pertaining to sinusoidal modeling10.4) were contributed to the class by Music Ph.D. student Xavier Serra [246]. Thanks are also due to later teaching assistants Scott Levine [149] and Harvey Thornburg who developed lectures for the class that have been incorporated into the ongoing class material (and this book, particularly in Chapter 11). Teaching assistants Yi-Wen Liu and Pamornpol (Tak) Jinachitra contributed significantly to the laboratory exercises and theory problems, and Yi-Wen also developed the software used in §4.5.2.

Thanks to visiting scholar Mototsugu Abe, and graduate students Steven Backer, Edgar Berdahl, Nicholas Bryan, Ryan Cassidy, Roy Fejgin, Patty Huang, Arvindh Krishnaswamy, Gautham Mysore, Colin Raffel, Ryan Said, Joelle Skaf, Kurt Werner, Matthew Wright, and Peter von Wrycza for logging and reporting errata in earlier draft versions of this book. Thanks also to Andrew Best and Bill Schottstaedt for especially helpful and detailed errata reporting and feedback. Thanks to Kyle Spratt for bringing references [52,285,63] to my attention, which greatly informed the historical summary in Appendix G.

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