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Matlab for Parabolic Peak Interpolation

Section §F.2 lists Matlab/Octave code for finding quadratically interpolated peaks in the magnitude spectrum as discussed above. At the heart is the qint function, which contains the following:

function [p,y,a] = qint(ym1,y0,yp1)
%QINT - quadratic interpolation of three adjacent samples
% [p,y,a] = qint(ym1,y0,yp1)
% returns the extremum location p, height y, and half-curvature a
% of a parabolic fit through three points.
% Parabola is given by y(x) = a*(x-p)^2+b,
% where y(-1)=ym1, y(0)=y0, y(1)=yp1.

p = (yp1 - ym1)/(2*(2*y0 - yp1 - ym1));
y = y0 - 0.25*(ym1-yp1)*p;
a = 0.5*(ym1 - 2*y0 + yp1);

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