Personal presentation and greetings

David October 27, 2010

Hello fellow DSPrelated readers!

First of all, my name is David Valencia, I live in Mexico City and study in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional [IPN] (or National Polytechnic Institute) with a major in Telematic engineering. I'm 21 years old and have interest in telecommunications, signal transmission and networking.

I'm honored with the chance to cooperate with this great community, and I will work hard in order to lend a hand to all you people interested in DSP programming and the topics related to this huge engineering branch.

I have several projects to talk about, but first of all I'll share with you some very useful pieces of code related to Spectrum Digital's DSK6713 starter kit, including (but not limited to):

- Controlling the GPIO as digital inputs, outputs or even hardware interruptions.

- Access to external memory.

- Access to the daughterboard expansion port pins.

- etc...

...even to some quite interesting topics like wavelet transform filter banks, with MATLAB, C and TI DSP C implementations.

I may also talk about FPGA and CPLD programming sometimes, but its just the beginning.

Please stay tuned!

- David Valencia

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