Hello,This is more of a general question and a chance for me to explore this topic a bit deeper. Do you know of any 'real world' situation where it might be necessary...

Re: Matlab, properly using IFFT, FIR Filter Desing

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/24/2020)
Hello,Thank you so much for your reply. That does make sense that my freqz and ifft should be using the same N. Your recommendations did give my the results that...

Re: N-point DFt of cosine and sine

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/03/2020)
Hi Vlador,Thank you for your post.What you said makes sense to me. So basically, my equation:(eq1):x(m) = (A/2)*(  [1- exp(-j*2*pi*(m-k)) ] / [1- exp(-j*2*pi*(m-k)/N)...

Re: N-point DFt of cosine and sine

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/03/2020)
Hi Kraz,Thanks for your reply. There is no 'n' because I have transition from x(n) -> DFT -> x(m), when I solve the series it eliminates the n variable. Does...

N-point DFt of cosine and sine

New thread started 4 years ago
Hello,I have been reading this interesting Article and I have a question about it: https://www.dsprelated.com/showarticle/607.phpMy goal is to compute the N point...

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