B.Eng in Computer Engineering with a focus on DSP 4 years industry experience in automotive audio

Re: DSP on Beaglebone AI

Reply posted 2 weeks ago (09/10/2020)
Hi Jeff,Are you saying this wouldn't be a good platform to experiment with DSP algorithms and hardware on? I'm not too concerned with the AI label, I was mainly...

DSP on Beaglebone AI

New thread started 2 weeks ago
Has anyone had success or experience in this? I've seen a lot of stuff for the BeagleBone Black (including the bela.io extension) but I'm not sure if anything has...

Re: PhD in E.E. is it really worth it

Reply posted 5 months ago (05/08/2020)
I work in research in the automotive industry with several people who have PhDs and I have to say I'm some what envious of the fluency they have within their disciplines....

Re: Covid-19 Stories

Reply posted 6 months ago (03/25/2020)
I'm out in South East Michigan where things are starting to get pretty bad. One day I heard three ambulances go by my apartment before I had finished eating my breakfast...So...

DSP Dev Kits for learning

New thread started 2 years ago
Hi,Does anyone know where I can get a board that would be compatible with this book? All the options listed in the back seem to be sold out. I'm only looking for...
How do you go about doing it? I'm in somewhat of a "transitionary" phase and have begun to start considering it. I think there are a few people on the board here...

Re: SigmaDSP assembly code analysis

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/03/2016)
Sorry, I can't remember exactly what chip it was unfortuantely. I think it was either mid or low tier as there was also a Sigma300. It's been awhile but IIRC the...

Re: SigmaDSP assembly code analysis

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/30/2016)
I've actually done a bit of programming in assembly for the Sigma200 (only minor tweaks to update prexisting code though). I inherited a project where the people...

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