Colin Almond (@MrColly)

Noise and vibration analysis for Delphi Diesel fuel injection systems. Msc in DSP. Interest in Matlab and algorithms for condition monitoring and fault detection.

Re: FFT Interpolation

Reply posted 1 year ago (03/29/2023)
Hi Fred,It's been a while, but this thread still seems to be near the top of the pile.Surely, the best interpretation of your time signal, ones(1,16)/16) (Matlab...

Re: FFT Interpolation

Reply posted 5 years ago (07/28/2019)
Hi Rick,Thanks again for taking the time and effort to reply.I would argue that the spectrum of a sine wave should be a Dirac delta function.I think our differences...

Re: FFT Interpolation

Reply posted 5 years ago (07/27/2019)
Thank you very much to everyone who has replied. I have been rather overwhelmed by the response. It may take me a while to fully comprehend all the replies, but...

FFT Interpolation

New thread started 5 years ago
I am having difficulties accepting the validity of FFT interpolation / time domain zero padding. When a section of time data of length T is selected from which...

Re: Calculating Noise Level of a Pool

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/11/2017)
Hi melyilI haven't checked through your Matlab program in detail, but I think your best approach would be to convert the hydrophone signal to Pa as soon as it is...
Hi Amartansh,Interesting observation.I think you will find the answer here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayleigh_distributio...Mr C

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