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Re: SPI Signal

Reply posted 1 year ago (10/13/2020)
It sounds like some kind of parrallel bus - A way forward is to find som datasheet on the DSP "processor". Can be that the "detector" is memory mapped into the DSP. Have...

Re: DAC dithering for low frequency signal measurement

Reply posted 2 years ago (08/21/2019)
What is your sample rate ?What is your ADC's ENOB ?What is the "signals of interests" level in bits of your ADC ?How do you extract the phase difference ?

Re: USB to I2S adapter for audio transceiver

Reply posted 3 years ago (01/31/2019)
Is 3.072mHz 3.072 Mega Herz or3.072 mili Herz ?

Re: Modulator output power level

Reply posted 3 years ago (12/04/2018)

Re: I/Q sampling basics

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/23/2018)
Dont you need to have some kind of 90 degree delay (hilbert transformer) in one of I or Q - and then use inphase last mixer. ?Joakim

Re: Low power dsp chip

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/13/2018)
Is the DSP going to be running all time or can it be sleeping for peroids ?

Re: Clock drift and compensation

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/28/2018)
Tune the tunable clock by compring the input position in to the buffer(s) to the takeout posision in buffers (calculate freespace) - idealy the distance shall be...

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