Phase estimation for beamforming

New thread started 5 years ago
If I have a modulated signal A*cos(2pi*fc*t + phi), I can demodulate it using IQ demodulator and estimate the phase using I and Q channel information. When it comes...

Re: Inverse filter

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/12/2018)
Thanks a lot Rick!It works perfectly and is quite intuitive way. I was not aware of the this deconv function. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Can you also comment...

Re: Inverse filter

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/09/2018)
Thanks for the reply!Can you give me more detail about this? May be a small Matlab code or some link? Because I guess it is not that straightforward. There will...

Inverse filter

New thread started 6 years ago
Hello Everyone,I am passing a signal through a RC HPF (cutoff freq = 14000 Hz). The sampling rate at which the filtered signal is acquired = 400 kS/s. Now suppose,...

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