Tim Young (@Tim77)

Signal Processing Algorithm Engineer.

Re: Audio Mysticism, indeed...

Reply posted 3 years ago (07/08/2021)
Remember the Lirpa 5KG turntable developed by Lirpa Labs? This website must be one of Dr. Lirpa's greatest achievements. I defer to the previous respondents.

Re: A DSP Online Conference?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/30/2020)
Yes! Talks on fundamentals are always welcomed IMHO. Tim Young, Ph.D.

Re: PhD in E.E. is it really worth it

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/09/2020)
Marcin, This is a great question! If you decide to continue then pick the best adviser you can. Know your adviser and their research well and pick an area that...

Re: FFT bins size and averaging

Reply posted 5 years ago (07/25/2019)
If the input to the FFT is in fact 10 k/s then the 80k/s is being decimated. Given that a sample rate of 10k/s supports the bandwidth of the analog signal averaging...

Re: z-transform: Confused on how to find ROC of H(z)

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/11/2018)
Hi, This is a great theoretical question. The ROC concept is applied to H(z) when performing the z-transform of the sequence h(n). Essentially the ROC defines the...

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