Audio Mysticism, indeed...

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Well, perhaps not quite mysticism, but nevertheless, at least one DSPRelated member expressed interest in what was going on with the Restorative Up-Sampling (RUP) algorithm page of the website: www.livingstonintegralstudies.com, and I can finally report that the work is through as far as I can see.

Not quite mysticism, since there is a trade-off where quantization imprecision is amplified by the restorative up-sampling process, but this can largely be mitigated with the (also discussed) Quantization Error and Artifact Reduction (QEAR) algorithm, which has its own page and White Paper as well.

I apologize that the audio clips are so short; it may be hard to acclimate the ear to what you're hearing and listening for before the playback is over. However, MATLAB code for all algorithms and subroutines is included. Other discussion on the website includes some very adventurous speculative explorations that might not suit some readers' tastes, but I hope that people can sift through what might have a chance of being over-the-top, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

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I have to say it is quite difficult to take any of it seriously when it throws around "spiritual quantum computing", zero-point energy and teleportation on the same webpage with, seemingly, the same seriousness. The amount of pseudo-science on that page was a real test of my willingness to accept the possibility of rational arguments/tools sourced from a fundamentally irrational source.

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Reply by WinkieJuly 8, 2021

I am aware that the work is far-out, and hoped that the solidness and demonstrability of the restorative up-sampling and QEAR algorithms might add enough credence to the more speculative things for a suspension of disbelief and consideration to occur. Apparently it can also go the other way, with the far-out stuff detracting from the non-speculative material. Oh, well, I thank you for your efforts...

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Reply by WinkieJuly 8, 2021
Perhaps because I finally declared the work "finished," I spotted a very elementary error that I made in my QEAR filter design. Embarrassing as it is to admit, it likely changes the sound of the output files somewhat. If I discover anything else that needs changing, I won't spam you guys with constant updates... I will just make the change and leave it at that.
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Reply by Tim77July 8, 2021

Remember the Lirpa 5KG turntable developed by Lirpa Labs? This website must be one of Dr. Lirpa's greatest achievements. 

I defer to the previous respondents.