Keith Kinneberg (@VariableSpeed)

Software Engineer of 25 years. Trying to find a way to clean upsome listenable tape recordings. Think I know what is the matter. Want to run some experiments.

Re: What is this effect ?

Reply posted 5 years ago (09/09/2019)
I looked at real1.wav and ge1.wav in SoundForge.  Real1 is 16-bit integer and gen1 is 32-bit IEEE floating point with 90.2db of gain with respect to real1, so much...

Re: Carrier doppler shift and Signal doppler shift

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/19/2019)
There are 3 radios involved a transmitter, a receiver and the satellite which both receives and transmits while moving with respect to the other 2 somewhat independently. ...
What you show is what I expect with or without co mplex signal or frequency or whether plotting real part, imaginary part or even magnitude.  The plot is of samples...

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