Jaime Aranguren (@arangurenj)

Senior Engineer with vast experience in Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Programmable Logic. Application areas of expertise include Audio Signal Processing, Smart Grid and IoT communications technologies, such as Power Line Communications and Low Power Wireless -from PHY layers up to Application layers-, as well as in automotive field, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Extensive experience working in and leading international, multicultural, high performance teams. Always looking for new opportunities!


New thread started 3 years ago
Hello,Does anyone here have the CD-ROM with demo code, manual, and schematics (or a copy thereof) of TI's EVM320VC5410 Evaluation Module? (https://www.msp.ch/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/7...)Yes,...

Re: Running Extracted Firmware on Symphony Studio

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/08/2021)
From the extension it smells to be loader files, meaning, binaries that are in external flash / eprom / eeprom that the DSP would load. They would tpically contain...

Re: AD9601 with 200MSPS connected to DSP

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/16/2019)
Hi Jeff,Now that is time to confess, full disclosure:For long time I worked very close with Analog Devices, mastered their entire line of DSPs (ADSP-21XX, SHARC,...

Re: AD9601 with 200MSPS connected to DSP

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/16/2019)
Hi Olivier,Well, if you knew which semiconductor vendor I work for... And is none of the ones mentioned here! :(Hopefully it gives some guidance to Yash5.

Re: AD9601 with 200MSPS connected to DSP

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/16/2019)
"The problem I see is how to process a stream of samples @ 250Msps using a processor @180MHz."Agreed."The FPGA should at least perform a downconversion."Indeed.But...

Re: What's your favorite modern DSP chip?

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/07/2019)
ARM-based:Renesas RZ/A1: Cortex-A9 based, 400 MHz, Floating Point (NEON), available also in LQFP. From 3MB up to 10 MB internal SRAM. Amazing for long delay lines,...

Re: Hot DSP Topics 2018

Reply posted 6 years ago (09/19/2018)
Computer Vision is burning hot nowadays. 
No doubt, it is overwhelming much.One of the reasons I dropped my subscription (I was paying it myself), because not really much was of practical use.OK, the title...

Re: SigmaDSP assembly code analysis

Reply posted 8 years ago (03/30/2016)
Hi,Never done something like that, but... why would somebody need to do something like that? AFAIK, SigmaDSPs are supposed to be "packaged" DSPs which, in conjunction...

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