Running Extracted Firmware on Symphony Studio

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Hi Im new to all of this so you will have to bare with my lack of knowledge

I have extracted a firmware file (which is already compiled) from an installer meant for a hardware device running a DSP56367, im presented with lots of files in 32kb chunks and some sort of .lod files. But now im unsure what to do in order to run these inside Symphony Studio

Could anybody shine any light on this for me please?

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Reply by arangurenjJanuary 8, 2021

From the extension it smells to be loader files, meaning, binaries that are in external flash / eprom / eeprom that the DSP would load. They would tpically contain all program and pre-defined data for the DSP.

So, without really knowing, I suppose it should be somehow possible to import them into whatever simulator you have for your DSP and simulate them at the assemly level. Not sure if Symphony Studio supports that.

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Reply by kprakash5226January 10, 2021

Hello User,

If I was you, I would put the files on a Unix/Linux system. Then run command "hexdump"

The hexdump has many useful options. It may show you some of the ASCII strings (if the source code writer put them). The Strings might help you understand what the piece of code is doing. 

What "arangurenj" is saying is also similar. The DSP simulator IDE's should also provide showing you strings and will additionally show the assembly instructions.

Other piece of usefull Unix tool is "ld". It works on ELF files to show the static or dynamically load libraries. There might not be any. 

But you might get some insight using these tools. Other useful Linux commands are: ltrace, strace, objdump and gdb for disassembly.

You can read this link: