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Electronic Engineer with a deep interest in Digital signal processing Theory and applications. Real time implementation of dsp systems for Audio, Video, telecommunications and everything multimedia or signal processing related. Also very interested in Analog Circuit design (especially for Audio such as Power Amplifier, dynamic range control, etc)

Deconvolution by least squares (Using the power of linear algebra in signal processing).

Agustin Bonelli November 12, 20152 comments

When we deal with our normal discrete signal processing operations, like FIR/IIR filtering, convolution, filter design, etc. we normally think of the signals as a constant stream of numbers that we put in a sequence

Re: DSP Dev Kits for learning

Reply posted 5 years ago (03/26/2019)
I have the same book and also other versions and I bought the kit with the TMS320C55x and I am not really using it so could sell it to you if you want, but that...

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