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Hi chalil,I am not facing any problems in computing log(x) or x. The problem is that the float (true) value of x is different from the value of x, computed after...
Hi,I think, we can do the calculations in both the ways.1st Method: ln(0.54 * 16777216) = ln(9059696) = 16.012nd Method: ln(0.54 * 16777216) = ln(0.54) + ln(16777216)  ...
Hi, i didn't understand your logic. Can you explain in detail?
Hi, i have mentioned the similar calculation in the query itself. And moreover, calculating the value of x in fixed point is not my query.
I am facing a problem with natural logarithmic function in fixed-point notation. Let's say x = 0.54, then ln(x) = -0.616186, a negative value => (1)Then in...

FIR filtering vs linear convolution

New thread started 4 years ago
I came across a C code for the FIR filter on one of the websites. It is as follows     void fir(short * y, const short *x, const short *h, int n_out, int n_coefs) ...

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