Clarence Peckham (@cpeckham)

Class of 1972 EE degree. Spent 30 years in the embedded computer business including being CEO of SBS Technologies a major supplier of embedded system to the US militery. An extra class hamradio operator with an interest in SDR and embedded SDR software. Currently retired but after retiring I was senior editor for COTS journal and RTC trade magazines.

Re: split Hilberts

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/23/2020)
You are coorrect in your assumptions. I have been using hilbert filter +- 45 degrees for over a year in SDR ham radios. i use filters designed by Ron, G4GXO. He...

Re: SDR/DSP Question

Reply posted 4 years ago (08/15/2020)
BTW: I should add using the EDENDSP approach requires about $50 for the development board. Inexpensive solution.

Re: SDR/DSP Question

Reply posted 4 years ago (08/15/2020)
Actually the easiest method is to go straight from baseband I and Q signals to RF. Take a look at the EDENDSP group on gwoups.io. The file section has a complete...

Re: Digital Filters that have prescribed phase shift

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/01/2020)
Actually if you design a filter with 45 degree phase shift ,say with 65 coefficients, to get -45 degrees just use the coefficients backwards.

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