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Retired; My final position was as an embedded developer at Sandia National Laboratories. Before that, I have 38+ years in the semiconductor industry and software/hardware professions. I've worked in the industry as an IC design engineer, product engineer, production test engineer, and software applications engineer. My focus is now on FPGAs, embedded controllers (primarily ARM), systems administration (my workspace has 8 NAS servers (approaching 50T), a fiber-connected backbone, Gb+ Internet, Macbook Pro(s), and several PC(s) for design and development. My motto is from "silicon to software and back again."

Re: Dr. Mark Wickert's scipy-dsp-comm Work

Reply posted 5 months ago (10/20/2022)
Note that unless you are experienced with Python and Jupyter notebooks, it does take a little effort to download, install his package, and understand some of the...

Good site for distance Learning

New thread started 5 months ago
Many, like myself, are constantly refreshing their grey matter, after long and distinguished (well long to be sure) careers. The only positive outcome of the COVID-19...

Dr. Mark Wickert's scipy-dsp-comm Work

New thread started 5 months ago
I thought I'd post an interesting piece of work that I discovered yesterday from Dr. Mark Wickert, formally a Professor at UCCS (the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.)...


New thread started 5 months ago
I came across an interesting site last night: pysdr.org. Thought I'd give it a shout-out for anyone that has an interest in SDR using python (yeah, like that isn't...
RIck, you are more than welcome. I started looking at Digilent right after they first started a business; It had to be in the 1980's right after the Internet was...
Most of you probably are well familiar with Digilent.com's website and the really cool educational products they offer. This morning, my email subscription to their...

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