DSP Processing on ARM Cortex M (FREE BOOK)

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I received an email from ARM this morning, and the critical link (for me) was to a free download of "Digitial Signal Processing  using ARM Cortex-M based Microcontrollers." I have the print copy of the book, but given my age and eyesight needs help, I prefer the soft copy format :) Links under the subtitle "Community of Practice in Education III: Arm Education Open Access eBooks Now Available on GitHub" and includes the following: 



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Reply by neiroberJuly 31, 2023

Thanks.  Funny how the distribution of textbook prices seems to clump at "free" or $250.00.

-- Neil

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Reply by dcomerJuly 31, 2023

Yes it is. The nice thing about the above links are that they are legal (I assume) as the email was from arm.com. :)

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Reply by rbjJuly 31, 2023


I recognize your "73" from my ham radio days 4 decades ago.  (I used to be WB∅CCA.)

So have you made little radio widgets with an ARM processor?  From bare metal?

If so, I would be interested in knowing specific applications (FM, SSB, noise reduction, noise gate, data tx and rx, whatever).  My interest is not amateur radio but is in audio and music synthesis/processing with a modest chip that doesn't take too much power and doesn't cost too much.  (BTW, I know algs and I know how to code them in C.)

Now I'm gonna look at your book.  Thank you.

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Reply by dcomerJuly 31, 2023

Hi Kewl,

I'm NM5DC (a vanity call). I haven't been active for at least four years due to my duties as a caretaker for my wife. Now that she is improving, I  cleaned the mess off my workbench(s) and plan to return to the air. I haven't made any radio widgets, but I am working on refreshing the grey cells of my brain in DSP. Fortunately, there are plenty of great soles on this site that I am learning from. I'm working through a few of my texts by taking at-distance courses (particularly Jacob Beningo and Dan Boschen's classes) and reviewing university online courses. Sometimes I feel like I am chasing my tail but making progress. By the way, you can see my setup (when it was clean) on QRZ.com. I have a Cushcraft R9. As a vertical, it of course works mainly distance due to the take-off angle and the R9 is very good at that. 


Dave (NM5DC)