Eduardo Nahmad-Achar (@enahmad)

Physicist and mathematician interested in gravitational physics, optics, acoustics, and music. In particular, acoustics of musical instruments. I teach regularly on various subjects, mainly mathematics applied to physics, such as integral transforms, generalised functions, variational calculus, and spectral theory.

Re: Electromagnetic waves question

Reply posted 1 year ago (05/09/2023)
I don't know if I am understanding your question correctly, but in fact everybody talks about the interaction of electromagnetic waves. Maxwell's theory is linear,...

Re: Whatever happened to "Wavelets"?

Reply posted 2 years ago (01/11/2022)
Wavelet transforms are also integral transforms, just like the Fourier Transform. The difference is that the kernels you use are localised in time (not only in...
I was able to lock the phase perfectly, manually. I just used a control reference slightly larger than the control output.As feedback for improvement: the buttons...

Re: DSPOnlineConference.com - need help testing it.

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/14/2020)
It all looks good to me, Stephane, apart from what Neil already noted.It works well too, including the PayPal link. Thanks!   Eduardo
I am happy that the meeting was fun and useful; however, I agree with what Jeff mentioned: please give (much) more advance warning. I believe that most of us have...

Re: A DSP Online Conference?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/29/2020)
Hi, I am no expert on DSP to give a talk, but I would definitely be interested in attending as a listener.I am rather new to DSP, mainly from my interest in audio...

Re: ADC sampling rate matlab/simulink M-PSK

Reply posted 4 years ago (12/24/2019)
It will depend very much on the waveform that you are using (or generating). If, for instance, you have square-wavelike behavior, your Fourier transform will present...
Tone modification in a phase vocoder uses time-scaling in the synthesis stage. Time-scaling works by using phase information to estimate the correct frequencies....

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