Radu Pralea (@friedman)

>15 years of signal processing in baseband and audio, some wireless system engineering, some embedded programming, some higher-level software development

Re: Viterbi equalizer

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/06/2021)
SC-FDMA can be viewed as a flavor of OFDM (DFT-precoded), therefore can be equalized similarly - no need for expensive time-domain techniques.I guess you could find...

Re: LTE IFFT Sampling and Nyquist Rate

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/14/2020)
"For a 20MHz LTE system, the used Bandwidth for 1200SCs is 18MHz which means that minimum fs (sampling frequency) must be >= 36Mhz."No, the 18MHz is the bandwidth...

Re: GMSK bandwidth

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/07/2020)
You're confusing the GSM burst of 156 bits with the Gaussian pulse duration of the GMSK modulator, i.e. how many adjacent symbols are affected by (controlled) interference...

Re: Is this time-domain aliasing?

Reply posted 5 years ago (06/11/2019)
I saw a live demo of such a huge wave pendulum at a light festival. Something like this:

Re: getting started on dereverberation

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/30/2019)
Check Patrick Naylor, his research group, and the dereverberation book.Another researcher in the field: Emanuël Habets.Good luck!
Here's a link to an article back in 1978 by MIT Prof. Alan S. Willsky, one of the authors of the "Oppenheim Signals and Systems" bible:Relationships Between Digital...
The fact that you "get 5 seconds of perfect sound" from the buffered signal demonstrates precisely that the sample rates are well-matched. As your intuition suggested,...

Re: WLAN Demodulation in MATLAB

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/23/2018)
Scaling the LLRs with their corresponding SNR (or CSI - the absolute value matters only when taking into account LLR quantization and saturation in the FEC decoder)...

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