getting started on dereverberation

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Hi everyone

I am trying to dig into the topic of dereverberating an audio signal - e.g. a microphone signal picking up direct sound and room reflections of a speaker signal - without any (detailed) advance knowledge of the signals.

I am free to use multiple microphones if that helps.

I guess the challange is to remove self-correlation within a reverberated audio signal without removing the natural self-correlation present in the unknown dry source signal...

Can anyone provide me with good articles or books or even helpful google keywords to look up just to get started on the matter.

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Reply by Y(J)SMay 6, 2019

Google for:

"Fifty Years of Reverberation Reduction - From analog signal processing to machine learning" Emanuel Habets,  AES 60th Conference on DREAMS.


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Reply by friedmanMay 6, 2019

Check Patrick Naylor, his research group, and the dereverberation book.
Another researcher in the field: Emanuël Habets.

Good luck!

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Reply by yatesMay 6, 2019

It's quite dated, but check out Duane Cooper's work at the University of Illinois on "Transaural Processing": https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributi...