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Researcher at the University of Pavia (Italy), Dept of Earth and Environment Sciences, CIBRA - Laboratory of Bioacoustics Professor of Bioacoustics Main research interests: bioacoustics, ecoacoustics, underwater acoustics, marine biology, marine mammals, acoustic communication and echolocation, ethology, sound recording, sound analysis, digital signal processing, programming www.unipv.it/cibra https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gianni_Pavan

Re: beamforming question.

Reply posted 2 years ago (08/21/2022)
I think that the distance of the source and the size of the array are important as beamforming, in the simplest implementation, assume planar waves coming from...
Hi, the best way to analyze human speech, other than the traditional fft based spectrum and spectrogram (spectrum vs time), is the cepstrum that clearly makes evident...

Re: Hilbert-Huang Transform

Reply posted 5 years ago (11/06/2018)
very interesting, I'd like to test HHT with animal sounds and even if maybe not suitable,  I would also very if it can be used to discriminate among animal vocalizations...

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