Hari Moorthy (@gmsk1)

1) I earned PhD in communication & coding theory. 2) I have worked for Comm.. companies both System & IC for 19 years. 3) Mostly done System Algorithm Design & Simulation in Matlab / C. 4) Also lot of Verilog & DSP firmware.

Re: Cyclic prefix concept in LTE

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/01/2017)
"Cyclic Prefix" is introduced to overcome ISI (intersymbol interference) and simplify the equalization problem in OFDM. It works by making the linear-convolution...

Re: Eye opening calculation

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/24/2017)
Please attach a picture.One of many definitions for EyeOpening is "vertical amplitude of the blank-region without any waveforms passing through the blank-region"...

Re: Invert Phase Response

Reply posted 8 years ago (09/19/2016)
For FIR filter with coefs C1 = = [b0, b1, b2] and Z-transform H1(z) = b0 + b1 z^-1 + b2 z^-2, reversing coefs gives filter C2 = [b2, b1, b0] with H2(z) = b2 + b1...

Re: All digital PLL loop bandwidth

Reply posted 8 years ago (07/26/2016)
Yes. You should be able to simulate continuous-time-PLL using Simulink and discrete-time-PLL using C-code and compare the two thus checking if your conversion is...

Re: All digital PLL loop bandwidth

Reply posted 8 years ago (07/25/2016)
Z-transform variable z = exp(j*w), where j*j = -1.w = 2*pi*f*Ts where f = analog-frequency and Ts = time-period of uniform-sampling.So f = Fs corresponds to w =...

Re: Processing block size and matched filtering

Reply posted 8 years ago (06/16/2016)
If you know freq of incoming tone (some error is allowed) then you correlate (multiply & integrate) the incoming signal with sine & cosine (2 correlations)...

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