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RF/Microwave system engineer with interest in DSP. Some experience using DSP to enhance RF signal processing (eg, image rejection, filtering)

Re: Looking for an exotic channel coder

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/21/2022)
I agree with your approach except dudelsound compressed the bit stream, so we can't know which stream bits are MSBs or LSBs. (see me other comment above)

Re: Looking for an exotic channel coder

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/21/2022)
Since you compress the bit stream, each bit error in the compressed stream may affect several bits in the binary word, and those bits, though contiguous, could be...
Yes, that's exactly right, as I see it.

Re: The size of an FIR filter for PDM-PCM conversion

Reply posted 3 years ago (12/25/2020)
Sorry rbj for this late reply, just snooping around and found this thread.  So, yes, a PDM is the output of a 1bit SDM, and consequently is noise shaped (I think...
I would bet the spec means -152dBm RF input produces 1LSB rms output.  Since this level would be hard to measure due to quantization noise, it would be easier and...

Re: hardware FFT coefficients .vs. np.numpy.fft.rfft

Reply posted 3 years ago (12/14/2020)
I'm skeptical of a delay because your are just taking the same samples as the FPGA after whatever delays may have occurred, so both systems use the same delay. ...

Re: Is RMS a good metric to estimate gain

Reply posted 3 years ago (11/26/2020)
Also, the output might be more than just a scaled version of the input.  DC offset was mentioned, but there is also added noise and other artifacts like harmonics,...

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