RF/Microwave system engineer with interest in DSP. Some experience using DSP to enhance RF signal processing (eg, image rejection, filtering)

Yes, that's exactly right, as I see it.

Re: The size of an FIR filter for PDM-PCM conversion

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/25/2020)
Sorry rbj for this late reply, just snooping around and found this thread.  So, yes, a PDM is the output of a 1bit SDM, and consequently is noise shaped (I think...
I would bet the spec means -152dBm RF input produces 1LSB rms output.  Since this level would be hard to measure due to quantization noise, it would be easier and...

Re: hardware FFT coefficients .vs. np.numpy.fft.rfft

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/14/2020)
I'm skeptical of a delay because your are just taking the same samples as the FPGA after whatever delays may have occurred, so both systems use the same delay. ...

Re: Is RMS a good metric to estimate gain

Reply posted 1 year ago (11/26/2020)
Also, the output might be more than just a scaled version of the input.  DC offset was mentioned, but there is also added noise and other artifacts like harmonics,...

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