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Master in geodesy and geoinformation Masterthesis about system temperature of radio telescopes PhD program geodesy & astrometry

Thank you very much Neil. 
thanks Neil, that is very valuable for me!I checked out your scripts and had a look at the group delay error (magnitude of input group delay minus output group delay)....
does this mean, that the approach I showed leads to Gibbs phenomenon but yields perfect linear phase for the whole band with no group delay error?For my application...
Hi guys, I would like to create fractional delay filter that can be applied on a signal for non real time applications. My approach is to apply a linear phase...

Re: delay error due to quantization

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/19/2020)
Thanks for your question kaz. I realized that I missed a bandpass filter after my fraction delay application. So the problem wasn't the quantization but the fractional...

delay error due to quantization

New thread started 4 years ago
Hi guys,I have two random signals (created by matlab randn), where the second signal represents only a delayed version (by a fraction of an integer) of the first...

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