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Re: Sampling frequency of slow phenomena to obtain PSDs

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/15/2019)
I meant 1.2 Hz.

Re: Sampling frequency of slow phenomena to obtain PSDs

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/15/2019)
The noise you see at about 12 Hz might be from something other than the thermocouple.

Re: Phase estimation for beamforming

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/10/2019)
Phase estimation accuracy will mostly depend upon received SNR.To measure the phase in each receiver channel due to each different transmitter channel, you will...
There seems to be something more going in in the summation over k to the large value of N >> L.
I'm not sure how multiplying this by the original spectrum allows us to zoom with more resolution. Seems it would just be a cascade of filters at the original resolution...That...
How did you get the fancy graphics?
For the author's technique to work, N>=L.  Probably N>>L.But your Gwk has N==L.
By algebraic symbol manipulation, I get equation 4 asX(e^{jw}) = 1/N * \sum_{n=0}^{L-1} \sum_{k=0}^{N-1} X_N(k) e^{-j(w-2k/N)n}.The author, however, seems to have...

Re: Problem of Input voltage for LM4862 audio amplifier

Reply posted 6 years ago (11/21/2017)
The capacitor is there to block DC but pass audio.  Rf and Ri set the gain.See the note on the schematic: "Refer to the Application Information section for information...
Multiply the delayed samples by a phase ramp.See the properties of the Fourier transform.

Re: An Oddball Electrical Engineering Question

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/11/2017)
That sounds correct to a first approximation.

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