introduction to error correcting codes book (including FEC)

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Hello Folks

I am looking for an intuitive read regarding error correcting codes such as "understanding digital signal processing" by Lyons for DSP.

I am not a mathematician but an engineer. 

Any pointers would be appreciated. thanks

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Reply by jms_nhMarch 27, 2019

I wish I could recommend one to you, I'm not sure one exists.

When I wrote my intro article on the topic (which might help you with some of the concepts) I looked at a couple of books. Blahut's book was ok.

It's really hard to get into any depth at all, though, without at least an intro to finite fields.

edit: these lecture notes aren't too bad: https://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse466/1...

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Reply by SlartibartfastMarch 27, 2019

If you have a particular type of code you're interested in there may be better selections than others.   e.g., if you're mostly interested in algebraic codes (e.g., Hamming, BCH, Reed-Solomon,etc.), then Blahut's book focuses on that area.

If you want a broader treatment that still has some depth and hits more modern codes, I'd suggest Channel Codes, Classical and Modern by Ryan and Lin.

FWIW, FEC is actually a fairly broad topic with a number of disparate different approaches (but that do have some conceptual overlap).  Like DSP, there is a fair blend of viewpoints from intuitive to analytical.   If you are more mathematical/analytical a book done from that perspective may be more useful to you than an intuitive approach.  For this reason I find recommending DSP or FEC books to be a little like recommending where to buy clothes...tastes may vary.

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Reply by kjhMarch 27, 2019
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Reply by jms_nhMarch 27, 2019

Please don't use LMGTFY on this site; we are not StackOverflow and the OP asked a question that involves some human judgement rather than search-engine-fu.

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Reply by neiroberMarch 27, 2019


I have read parts of this book by Lin and Costello.  It may be out of print.  The book was pretty straightforward, however, it is a long slog to get to the actual applications.  I did not get that far myself.  For people without infinite patience, I suspect error correcting codes are easier to learn in a structured setting like a college class, where you can learn it a day at a time and you are forced to do the homework.


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Reply by borsodiMarch 27, 2019

There are several good texts that are out there. For block codes I use "Error-Control Block Codes for Communications Engineers" by L.H. Charles Lee. For convolutional codes a good one is "Convolutional Coding: Fundamentals and Applications" also by L.H. Charles Lee. If you have access to MATLAB then you can also use "A Practical Guide to Error Control Coding using MATLAB" by Yuan Jaing which covers most types of error correcting codes being used out there these days.