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Body-Model Factoring

In commuted synthesis, it is often helpful to factor out the least-damped resonances in the body model for implementation in parametric form (e.g., as second-order filters, or ``biquads''). The advantages of this are manifold, including the following:

  • The excitation table is shortened (now containing only the most damped modal components).
  • The excitation table signal-to-quantization-noise ratio is improved.
  • The most important resonances remain parametric, facilitating real-time control. In other words, the parametric resonances can be independently modulated to produce interesting effects.
  • Multiple body outputs become available from the parametric filters.
  • Resonators may be already available in a separate effects unit, making them ``free.''
  • A memory vs. computation trade-off is available for cost optimization.
Techniques for carrying out this factorization in practice are discussed in §8.8 [229].

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