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Multirate Noble Identities

Figure 11.13 illustrates the so-called noble identities for commuting downsamplers/upsamplers with ``sparse transfer functions'' that can be expressed a function of $ z^{-N}$ . Note that downsamplers and upsamplers are linear, time-varying operators. Therefore, operation order is important. Also note that adders and multipliers (any memoryless operators) may be commuted across downsamplers and upsamplers, as shown in Fig.11.14.

% latex2html id marker 29805\psfrag{nd}{ $N\downarrow$\ }\psfrag{hz}{ $H(z)$\ }\psfrag{hzn}{ $H(z^N)$\ }\psfrag{equal}{ $\equiv$\ }\begin{figure}[htbp]
\caption{Multirate noble identities}
\end{figure} % was 6in

Figure 11.14: Commuting of downsampler with adder and gains.

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