Development of a real time test platform for motor drive algorithms

Viktor Larsson

In this thesis a real time test platform for a permanent magnet synchronous motor is developed. The implemented algorithm is Field Oriented Control (FOC) and it is implemented on a Texas Instruments TMS320F2808 Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The platform is developed in a rapid prototyping approach using Matlab/Simulink and the Real Time Workshop (RTW) packages.With this software the control algorithm and its interface to different DSP modules, such as A/D converter and PWM module, is constructed as a Simulink block scheme. The blocks used come from ordinary Simulink libraries and libraries provided by the RTW packages. From the Simulink block scheme Matlab can auto generate embedded C code adapted for different embedded targets, in this case the 2808 DSP.The developed real time test platform is also a Simulink model, though different from the algorithm model. When the start simulation command is given in the platform model a Graphical User Interface is loaded which lets the user specify motor parameters and certain algorithm parameters. Once the parameters are chosen RTW generates code from the algorithm model, loads it into the DSP and runs the generated program. From the platform model it is possible to set the reference speed of the motor in real time and monitor/log motor parameters such as actual speed and stator currents.