DSP Related Math: Nice Animated GIFs

Stephane BoucherApril 24, 20143 comments

I was browsing the ECE subreddit lately and found that some of the most popular posts over the last few months have been animated GIFs helping understand some mathematical concepts.  I thought there would be some value in aggregating the DSP related gifs on one page.  

The relationship between sin, cos, and right triangles:

Constructing a square wave with infinite series (see this video):

Fourier Transform 

Continuous Fourier transform of rect and sinc functions

Continuous Fourier transform of rect and sinc functions

Fourier transform time and frequency domains

Fourier synthesis square wave animated

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Comment by assadijSeptember 1, 2014
Awesome! Really awesome and creative!
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Comment by nizamzain42July 24, 2015
no words to explain this creative work
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Comment by riscy00October 24, 2015
Very nice!!!, should be in classroom

Put this in youtube in video form.....

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