Recruiting New Bloggers!

Stephane BoucherOctober 16, 20157 comments

Previous calls for bloggers have been very successful in recruiting some great communicators - Rick LyonsJason Sachs, Victor Yurkovsky, Mike Silva, Markus NentwigGene BrenimanStephen Friederichs, Christopher Felton, Eric JacobsenFabien Le Mentec, Yossi Kreinin -  to name just a few.  And I believe the community has hugely benefited from their writings;  together, their articles have been read more than 1,250,000 times!

Update: first list of NEW bloggers published

Now that I am basically done with the new design of the *related sites, I would love to add bloggers to our team.  

I've already contacted in the last few days several well known personalities in the Electrical Engineering community and many of them have showed interest in giving the blogging a shot (Michael J. Pont just posted his first article). 

But what about you?  The student, the hobbyist, the hard working engineer, the researcher?  Do you have a talent for sharing your knowledge?  Maybe there is a great writer in you waiting to be awakened?  

If you feel like trying the blogging experiment and sharing your knowledge with the community (on any of the *related sites), please use the contact form and send me a short note telling me on which of the *related sites you would like to blog, the general topic(s) that you would like to write about and maybe a few words about your experience in the field.

Blogging is not very complicated.  Tutorials and how-tos are usually popular, as are 'tips & tricks' posts.  Have a look at the most popular posts to get an idea of what works: DSPRelated, EmbeddedRelated, FPGARelated and Electronics-Related.  But you can write what you want, as often as you want, as long as it is of interest to the electrical engineering community and as long as you refrain from excessive self-promotion.  Your bio will be attached to every article you will write, which could help you attract opportunities.  And if your articles end up being really good and useful to the community, I will make sure to promote your blog heavily and will do my best to keep you around.

What do you think? Get in touch!

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Comment by chaitanya39October 20, 2015
Would love to blog for you, looking for a platform to share the knowledge.
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Comment by jawwadh19@gmail.comOctober 25, 2015
I Design Embedded Systems for Telemetry and Control. Employ DSP for Filtering and estimation. Work on DSCs and FPGAs. Love to learn new topics and contribute
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Comment by vikash33380October 27, 2015
I would love to blog for embeddedrelated.com.
Please share the details on my mail.
My areas of interest are embedded systems, robotics etc.
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Comment by AlnoorOctober 27, 2015
I would love to participate in on going project, and share my knowledge ,I have been in electronics hobby since 1975.
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Comment by chohanOctober 28, 2015
would be glad to participate.
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Comment by harsha.appukutanOctober 29, 2015
I would love to blog on medical signal processing and fractional calculus
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Comment by mahadevaswamyOctober 30, 2015
I would like to participate. I am working in signal processing since 2010

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