Waterfall Spectrograph

Ron April 1, 2011 Coded in Matlab

Displays a waterfall graph of the spectrum of the input signal over time. Very nice looking, amazing way to visualize a signal!

function waterfallspect(s, fs, spectsize, spectnum)
%WATERFALLSPECT Display spectrum of signal s as a 3-D plot.
%   s - input signal, use wavload to load a WAV file
%   fs - Sampling frequency (Hz).
%   spectsize - FFT window size
%   spectnum - number of windows to analyze

frequencies = [0:fs/spectsize:fs/2];
offset = floor((length(s)-spectsize)/spectnum);
for i=0:(spectnum-1)
    start = i*offset;
    A = abs(fft(s((1+start):(start+spectsize))));
    magnitude(:,(i+1)) = A(1:spectnum/2+1);
waterfall(frequencies, 0:(spectnum-1), magnitude');


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