Mehdi Vejdani Amiri (@MEHDIVJ)

I got my PhD on Wireless Telecommunications. During the past ten years, I have worked on digital and statistical signal processing. With a background in RF design and mixed signal, I have worked on different areas of wireless communications. My main interests include stochastic processes, noise removal, spectral estimation , system identification and machine learning algorithms. I do Matlab simulation and algorithm implementation.

Analytic Signal

Mehdi November 26, 20155 comments

In communication theory and modulation theory we always deal with two phases: In-phase (I) and Quadrature-phase (Q). The question that I will discuss in this blog is that why we use two phases and not more.

Any real band-limited signal along with its Hilbert transformed pair form an analytic signal. We normally use the analytic signal for modulation. A modulated signal is actually a carrier or the sine signal that one attribute of it is changing with time which is our signal....

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Mehdi November 24, 2015

Any observation has some degree of noise content that makes our observations uncertain. When we try to make conclusions based on noisy observations, we have to separate the dynamics of a signal from noise. This is the point that estimation starts. Any time that we analyse noisy observations to make decisions, we are estimating some parameters. Parameters are mainly used to simplify the description of a dynamic. 

Noise by its definition is a...

Re: s_to_z (Pupalaikis)

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/23/2016)
To transform the Laplace domain to z domain, we can use the z=exp(j w Ts) mapping to map the imaginary axis to the unit circle where Ts=1/fs denotes the sampling...

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