Sagar Patil (@SagPatz)

Re: Moving Average Filter's Magnitude Response

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/27/2020)
The 'fvtool' needs filter coefficients or second order sections (sos) matrix. See MATLAB's documentation for 'fvtool'. You are passing filtered data and not filter...
x = 0.54   and ln(x) = -0.616186         ==> 1x = (0.54 * 2^24) / (2^24)Taking natural log on both sides,ln(x) = ln(0.54 * 2^24) - ln(2^24)      = 16.019346194...

Re: High Frequency Linear Array BeamForming

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/12/2020)
Hi Nauman,I have worked on microphone array beamforming so thought to give this question a try. I do not fully understand the question though. The depth of water...

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