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- PhD in Theoretical Physics. - Research in Germany, Denmark, USA, and Spain. - Visiting Professor in Argentina. - 50+ referreed publications. - Current employment: Engineer at a Systems Integration company

Re: Calculating optimal loop point in audio sample

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/17/2022)
Ideally, the loop length would be an integer number of wave cycles. Allow for some overlap of the start and end, and choose the length such that the overlapping...

Re: Artifacts in Time Varying IIR Filters

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/09/2018)
There is also Vadim's book  on ZDF filters, which have become quite popular in music DSP applications. This topology specifically addresses modulation aspects,...

Re: FIR All pass filter with Linear Phase

Reply posted 7 years ago (08/12/2017)
An allpass filter with linear phase is a delay. If this is not what you want then you need to modify your spec. What is your use case for that filter?

Re: A New Reverse IIR Filtering Algorithm

Reply posted 8 years ago (10/24/2016)
Yes, the scheme in my note provides a stable implementation of time-reversed IIR filters for a continuous data stream. If applied in sequence with the straight (not...

A New Reverse IIR Filtering Algorithm

New thread started 8 years ago
I would like to present to you a note on an algorithm for time-reversed (truncated) IIR #Filtering. The method described therein yields filters with lower latency...

Re: Envelope Detection

Reply posted 8 years ago (04/06/2016)
Thank you for this clear and systematic compilation. I was wondering what the ranking would be for an envelope follower in musical applications like auto-wahwah...

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