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Mike has over 30 years of direct involement with embedded systems like communication controllers, mainframe and minicomputer peripheral controllers, custom minicomputers, microcontrollers and DSPs. His role in these systems has included hardware, microcode, firmware, and software for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500. Mike also enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Resolving 'Can't initialize target CPU' on TI C6000 DSPs - Part 2

Mike Dunn November 12, 20073 comments


The previous article discussed CCS configuration. The prerequisite for the following discussion is a valid CCS configuration file. All references will be for CCS 3.3, but they may be used or adapted to other versions of CCS. From the previous discussion, we know that the configuration file is located at 'C:\CCStudio_v3.3\cc\bin\brddat\ccBrd0.dat'.

XDS510 Emulators

Initial discussion will address only XDS510 class emulators that support TI drivers and utilities. This will...

Resolving 'Can't initialize target CPU' on TI C6000 DSPs - Part 1

Mike Dunn October 30, 200715 comments


Today I am going to discuss some of the basics that can help prevent errors that frustrate some users. The information is directed toward TI C6000 family DSPs, but much of it also applies to other TI DSPs. In many cases they represent the user's first involvement with using Code Composer Studio [CCS] and a target board. It has been my experience that the primary cause of the "Can't initialize target CPU" error message and similar messages like "Error connecting to...

Embedded TMS320C6000 Information Kick Off

Mike Dunn October 25, 20072 comments

Before I get off on some embedded C6000 rant, I thought that I would try to express some of my background, interests and areas of expertise. Fast forwarding through vacuum tube and transistor computers, punched cards, 14 inch hard disks, delay line memory, RTL ICs, bit slice minicomputers, and an unknown number of microprocessors will almost get me from my past to the present. My computer life began in the hardware world, but the requirement for software [usually a few lines of machine...

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