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Re: Simulating multipath fading channel in Python

Reply posted 1 year ago (04/06/2023)
Cool, thanks a lot! :)
Hello!I'm trying to figure out how to simulate a multipath fading channel (I'd like to have both a Rayleigh and a Rician channel, no Doppler to simplify things)...
I've finally found the culprit: I had enabled the automatic IQ balance, this seemed to raise hell in the acquired signals :SThanks again for your help!Best,Rob
Actually, even when using the coherent frontend, the emitter has an independent LO -- it's just the two receivers that share their LO (and this is what was puzzling...
Dear Mike,Thanks for your reply!I fear I don't get your point: the signal I produce is sampled on TX at 4 Msps, and the filtering done by the trasmitter should wipe...
Hello!I have been doing some experiments with SDR boards and I am facing a weird phenomenon I cannot explain with my (tiny :() knowledge of the DSP/radio world:I...

Re: Viterbi equalizer

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/06/2021)
Thanks for your replies!In the video harris indeed says that the equalization complexity pushes people towards OFDM-style equalization, and since those are more...

Viterbi equalizer

New thread started 3 years ago
Hello!I have been watching an old video from fred harris (this one) and there the Viterbi equalizer used in GSM is mentioned as one of the best ideas ever. However,...

Re: Blind symbol rate estimation references

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/20/2021)
Thanks a lot for your insightful reply! It confirmed me that the problem is as difficult as it seemed at first sight :(... but your suggestions are very useful to...

Blind symbol rate estimation references

New thread started 3 years ago
Hello!In the context of a signal classification system I need to (blindly) estimate the symbol rate of an incoming signal. I know nothing about the signal (even...
Dear Mannai_Murali,Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation! :) I'll redo the experiments with the approach you've suggested.Have a nice week-end!Rob
Thanks to everybody for the quick and informative replies ! :) I had thought about this potential issue with constructive interference, therefore what I do is to...
Hello!I am playing with the Matlab simulation of an OFDM-based modem I have created, and I am facing a weird problem: I have my frames pass through the "usual encoding/mapping/modulation/IFFT",...

Re: CFO correction in OFDM

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/06/2020)
Hi Julián,Thanks for your suggestions! :)I'll have a look at your paper and the papers you've linked in.Have a nice day!Rob

Re: CFO correction in OFDM

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/02/2020)
I do have interleavers in between, that could add a bit more on the complexity side, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind, thanks!

Re: CFO correction in OFDM

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/02/2020)
Oups, yes, I've totally "forgot" that I also have the CP that I can exploit :SThanks again! :)

Re: CFO correction in OFDM

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/01/2020)
Thanks for your suggestions!I have a full GNU Radio/C++ simulation tested on a B210 board, plus the encoding chain already in VHDL -- even though what I am looking...

Re: CFO correction in OFDM

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/01/2020)
Dear fred,Thanks for your answer! Yes, I've tried to be smarter than the guys who created 802.11 (well, in the end, what do they know about protocols, right?? :-|)...

CFO correction in OFDM

New thread started 4 years ago
Hello,I've implemented a burst protocol vaguely inspired to 802.11, with 1024-subcarriers FFTs, short training symbols that use ZC sequences, and minimum length...

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