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Technical discussions related to Audio Signal Processing (digital effects, acoustics, noise reduction, musical signal processing, etc).


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SPL computation, Prms computation
0 - Apr 9 2014
Hi I have a microphone(with preamp) connected to a microcontroller - I am able to get samples now, which could be converted to pressure since I have the sensitivity of the micropho... SPL computation, Prms computation

Spectral envelope normalization (speech processing)
0 - Feb 13 2014
Dear forum, I created a synthetic speech signal x[n] of 256 samples assuming that the source signal u[n] is an impulse train (not a glottal flow signal) and also I assumed that ... Spectral envelope normalization (speech processing)

Sampling Rate Conversion   [2 Articles]
0 - Dec 26 2013
Hi experts, I want to convert audio sampled at 192KHz to 44.1kHz. It involves interpolation by 147 and decimation by 640. I'm designing filter coefficients us... Sampling Rate Conversion

Request for Guidance on Optimal DSP for Audio Application
0 - Oct 9 2013
Hi, I am designing an audio DAC and my intention is to use a DSP to interface with the CD player to receive the optical or coaxial signal. I have been examining the Elektor seri... Request for Guidance on Optimal DSP for Audio Application

Strumming problem.   [3 Articles]

exactlybest - Sep 26 2013
Hi. I have a very accurate frequency detector that works pretty much perfectly with my guitar. I want to implement certain features that involve note validity (user plays a note... Strumming problem.

fftw problem   [2 Articles]

bauzane - Sep 26 2013
I'm an Italian university student. I'm trying to use FFTW libraries. I have problems but I don't know in which forum I may ask help so I try here. I wrote the following C program ... fftw problem

Power or pressure for RMS dB calculation
0 - Jul 24 2013
Hello all, I have an audio app which generally displays dB levels as SPL calculated using dB = 20 * log10(p/p0) But I want to also display RMS levels. Is it more typical to cal... Power or pressure for RMS dB calculation

2nd vs 1st order all pass filter   [2 Articles]
0 - May 27 2013
Given that the magnitude response of a first order all pass filter is perfectly flat, what reasons are there to consider a filter greater than one order? Presumably it is to do wit... 2nd vs 1st order all pass filter

Graphic Equalizer design
0 - May 27 2013
Hi experts, I am implementing a 7-band graphic equalizer. The centre frequencies which i got from a link are 60Hz,150Hz,400Hz,1KHz,2.4KHz,6KHz,15KHz. My design is to imp... Graphic Equalizer design

Volume Control of a PCM file
0 - May 21 2013
Hi, I am planning to write a code for volume control. My input and output are .pcm files. I will be giving the required gain in dB. If I give say 5dB as the gain factor, ... Volume Control of a PCM file
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