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Technical discussions about Freescale (Motorola) DSPs (including the DSP56000, DSP56300, DSP56600, 56800 DSPs).


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I2C Communication Interrupt Priority
0 - Nov 24 2013
Hello: I am writing some simple pass-thru-with gain code for the 56371. How should one setup the interrupt priority so that my external micro (connected to the 56371 I2C port... I2C Communication Interrupt Priority

External Clock level DSP56374   [2 Articles]
0 - Aug 20 2013
Hello All, I'm trying to find out if the DSP56374 is "5 Volt" tolerant on the input EXtal pin. The DSP56371 is according to the UG - but I'm not sure if the DSP56374 is as I'd li... External Clock level DSP56374

DSPAUDIOEVM DSP56721 passthru code

pal_ingenieria - Feb 26 2013
Hi guys, I recently bought a DSPAUDIOEVM motherboard with a DSP56721 daughter card because I need to make a new project based on this DSP. Although DSP563XX and DSP5672X are not r... DSPAUDIOEVM DSP56721 passthru code

Freescale DSPs Code Snippets

s_boucheryah - Nov 16 2010
Hello, Just in case you didn't receive the announcement sent a couple of weeks ago, there is a new code sharing section on ... Freescale DSPs Code Snippets

Looking for Freescale Symphony Soundbite   [7 Articles]
0 - Oct 28 2010
Hello, Trying to buy a Symphony Soundbite audio development board but can't find a distributor with one in stock. Would anyone know where I might find one beyond the obvious distr... Looking for Freescale Symphony Soundbite

Need ASRC example code for 567xx   [4 Articles]
0 - Oct 25 2010
Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has successfully used the ASRC (asynchronous sample rate converter) for any of the dual core 567xx chips? If so, do you have some sampl... Need ASRC example code for 567xx

problem with dsp 56f801a60
0 - Oct 11 2010
hi there.... I'm working with the Motorola 56F801A60 dsp , trying to run a numeric method on the board. and im getting the next 2 errors.. Link Error : Overflow in segment:... problem with dsp 56f801a60

OLD MOTOROLA DSP56 EVM's and WINDOWS 7   [4 Articles]
0 - Aug 31 2010
Hi, I have a MOTOROLA DSP56363 and a MOTOROLA DSP56367 EVM and am using with the supplied degugging software interface supplied with the Motorola EVM's and provided by Domain Tech... OLD MOTOROLA DSP56 EVM's and WINDOWS 7

Memory switch in DSP56303   [3 Articles]

pal_ingenieria - May 31 2010
Dear folks, As you know, after a RESET, MS bit in the OMR is 0 by default, so the memory configuration consist of the following: 4K of program memory (0x0-0xFFF), 2K of X data and... Memory switch in DSP56303

Regarding Daughter Board DSPX72YDBZE   [3 Articles]

Gopalkrishna Dandagi - May 6 2010
Hi Christian The Information regarding Regarding Communication of I2C in DSPA56721 with PIC16F886 given by you is very much useful for me thank you. But now I am using Mother b... Regarding Daughter Board DSPX72YDBZE
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