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Technical discussions about the TI c24x DSPs (including the C2401A, C2402A, C2403A, C2406A, F2401, F2402, F2403, F2406, and F2407).


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Setting CAN interface on LF2406A
0 - Jun 28 2010
hi to everyone, i'm trying to set a communication with CAN interface on a LF2406A dsp, but till now it doesn't work. When i try to transmit a standard data frame, i get an ACK er... Setting CAN interface on LF2406A

F24x flash programming
0 - May 8 2009
My name is Milan Zivic. I have XDS510 USB2.0 DSP Emulator. Please, can anybody tell me how to program TMS320F240 internal flash using CCS? I have CCS v3.3, but only F28x and F24x... F24x flash programming

PWM generation
0 - Dec 3 2008
Hi! I'm new in this domain,and I have a project to make a H-bridge that i can comand it with the TMS320F240....,i need to write a program in code composer who generates a pwm sign... PWM generation

Serial Programmer   [2 Articles]

gbonan - Oct 9 2008
I'm working with TMS320LF2407A using Serial Flash Programmer develop by TI. This application works only with Win95/98. I would like to know if somebody use the serial interface to... Serial Programmer

F2407 CAN Receive Message Filtering

"A.Vamsi Krishna" - Jul 25 2008
Members, I have a question about Message filtering on the F2407 processor. I am using the Mailbox 1 as a receive mailbox and i have local acceptance filters. This filt... F2407 CAN Receive Message Filtering

Assembly compilation procedure:
0 - Feb 7 2008
Hi all, Iam new to assembly programming, i have some doubts regarding this. can any body help me in these things... Can we use code composer studio v3.1 for assemb... Assembly compilation procedure:

TMS320LF2407A Flash programming procedure
0 - Feb 4 2008
Hi friends, I want to use on chip flash of TMS320LF2407A DSC. I want to program the flash through UART i.e. serial port. what is the procedure to program the flas... TMS320LF2407A Flash programming procedure

TMS320LF2407A assembly programming....

crazyguy_since84 - Feb 1 2008
Hi friends, Iam new to TMS320LF2407A Controller. I am doing motion controller project. I want to use assembler,for this i need some help. What I have to use e... TMS320LF2407A assembly programming....

Error while building
0 - Jan 29 2008
Hi all, I work with ezdsp tms320lf2401a. while building my asembly program in CCS V3.10,I got the following error: undefined first referenced symbol in file --------- --------... Error while building

F240 Flash Download Problems ...

Dan Noreck - Sep 12 2007
We are using the mil-spec version of the TMS320F240 with the Spectrum Digital XDS510PP emulator and the PRG2xx flash programming utilities. 04xx and 05xx date codes evidenced a... F240 Flash Download Problems ...
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