Software Defined Radio at SAMOS

Praveen RaghavanSeptember 22, 20073 comments

Lets start off with so 'hot' SDR track held at SAMOS conference this year. The academic community relatively active in the SDR architecture domain including UMich, WisMad, Linkoping, IMEC and others all presented their views on Software Defined Radio and unveiled a part of their work. We from IMEC 'finally' made our SyncPro architecture public. You can find more about our vector synchronization processor architecture from our paper. However the more prominent industry was missing like NXP, Infineon, Nokia were quite missing.

Next up the ES Week and what happened there! I shall try to bring the DSP community news from there soon.

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Comment by sree_405October 4, 2007
hello Praveen Raghavan its very godd.i have one doubt,how to estimate Baudrate for an unknown modulated signal.i recognition type of mudulation using AMR
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Comment by praveenraghavanOctober 8, 2007
Hi sree_405, I am not sure what you mean by the above comment? I would assume that the modulation scheme of the signal is known. And I am not sure you would need to use any AMR tecnique to figure out what is the modulation scheme. Could you be more clear? -Praveen
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Comment by manjulavkMay 1, 2010
I wanted to do the phd in SDR. can u please suggest the basics i need to be strong & also the SDR related theory.

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