Matlab Programming Contest

Christopher FeltonNovember 10, 2010

Every 6 months Mathworks hosts an online Matlab programming contest.  If you love or hate Matlab check out the contest.  The group does a really good job putting together the puzzles.  The contest runs for a week and starts today at noon EST (10 Nov 2010).  

If you are an experienced Matlab programmer or new to Matlab it is worth checking out.  Even if you do not intend on submitting solutions.  Also, the problems / puzzles only require the base Matlab programming language (no toolboxes or mex files allowed).  You can attempt the problems with other Matlab clones if desired.

Best of my knowledge individuals are playing for bragging rights, no formal prizes.  I find it interesting to see how my Matlab skills compare to others.

More information on the Matlab programming contest is available here.  If I am brave enough I might post how I do here.  

The contest has different phases and in later phases they will share submitted code.  If you do not have time to participate, take a couple minutes at first to review the problem.  Form and idea how you would tackle the problem.  Then come back towards the end and review submitted code.

Good luck if you decide to participate.

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