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Stephane BoucherSeptember 19, 20072 comments

By now, chances are you have noticed the new blogs section (you are actually in it right now!).

Following an email I sent to the members of the site, a few weeks ago, asking for dsp engineers willing to blog here, I received around 50 propositions. I have selected an initial set of 10 bloggers (that I will soon introduce into a seperate post) and I am currently in the process of creating their accounts. Markus and Parth have already started to blog and it's just a question of days before you'll find the blog section crowded with some very good content.

By the way, I am also going through the same process on EmbeddedRelated.com.

The blog section is still in 'beta' so please feel free to report any bug or bad formatting.

I am already working on yet another section that will allow members of the site to share some quality code (asm, c, matlab, etc). It should be ready in a few weeks...

Take care!

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Comment by satheesh.ramOctober 3, 2007
Please give rss feed to blog! It's easier to read blogs thru feedreader than web interface
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Comment by stephanebOctober 3, 2007
Thanks for your comment Satheesh. An RSS feed is coming soon.

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