AC97 CODEC to SHARC (ADSP-21160M <=> AD1881A)

Started by jaime_aranguren August 18, 2002

I hope at least one of you could me help to setup the ADSP-21160M to
an AD1881A attached to SPORT1 for DMA of only data, I mean, just the
PCM audio samples trhough the DMA engine, without the "side
information" like the TAG PHASE and COMMAND ADDRESS and STATUS

What I want to do is having the DMA processor getting, say 1152 audio
samples into the DSP memory with the DSP core processor crunching on
the already stored 1152 audio samples. This way I can have more time
for block processing, instead of having the time just between audio
samples conversions.

As far as I've read that "side information" is inherent to each dual-
channel conversion on that AC'97 compliant CODEC. No way to get rid
of it???