how to use c code to access ADSP 21065L memory??

Started by Unknown October 19, 2002
I am new to use ADSP 21065L and i have some problems about using it.
Please help me!
I have a sharc ADSP 21065L, visual dsp++ 2.0 for sharc dsp, and
DSP21k-32 Toolkit.
Now I want to do that:
1. I want to write a c code at host to access DSP's memoy.
ex: I wnat to write some datas in memory,and to read it from
2. Because i have only seen "simulation" in visual dsp++ 2.0, did
not find any functions to load the programs into the board.
How do I go to load program in the board and run this program ?
(Should I use the tool of DSP21k-32 Toolkit?)
3.Should I modify the ldf(default) file for 21065 to make it build
correctly and how to do that?
Please give me some simple examples to rum .
send to me.
My boss request me to finish it first due to next Mon. or I will be
sufferings in future.

(Please and thanks)^n, n --> oo

Thanks in advance,
Jack Wu.