ADSP-21160M EzKIT Lite

Started by jaime_aranguren January 17, 2003

Please, I need your help working on the ADDS-21160M-EZLITE old
version by SpectrumSignal (unfortunately, this board is no longer
supported by ADI).

The problem is that sometimes I get a strange sound when interfacing
it to my PC via the Parallel Port, and the LED D4, close to the power
supply plug, reduces its intensity. What can be happening? BTW, I
have EPP-capable Parallel Port.

Additionally, the Parallel Port Utility not longer detects my kit,
and I can not program its flash memory using the EZFLASH utility.

I should add that long time ago, I didn't have any of these problems,
and my kit worked flawlessly. If I use a JTAG Emulator I can program
the DSP, but it is useless for standalone operation.

Using the EPP Paralle Port, I have written some programs to control
the board, which work OK, by writting the desired 8-bit command to
LPTBaseAddress + 4 (EPP Data). But sometimes it doesn't work porperly
and the strange sound starts.

Please, I'm in a hurry for your help.

Kindest regards,