Question about JTAG Emulator EZ-Lite ADSP-21160M

Started by dspeverbright February 10, 2003

I was trying the Demo program PRIMEX on my ADSP 21160M EZ Lite Board.

When using Parallel Port to download, everything works fine. But
when I switch to JTAG emulator ICE, it seems the program is
downloaded. But when I ran the program, the LED didn't light up.
When I check the registers (MODE2 and FLAG), they didn't change

I have checked the JTAG connection, seems everything is fine. I was
running the program under the session of "DSP 0 ( ADSP-21160 ) ADSP-
21160 EZ-KIT Lite via Summit" in VisualDSP++.

So could anyone tell me why the program won't work under ICE?