Problem with Ez-Ice 218x Activity

Started by Muhammad Dawood May 14, 2003
We are using ADDS-218x ICE for in-circuit emulation. the problem was
that a few days ago when we were testing our code using 218x_Ez ICE
interfaced with EVAL 73360 EB.
When we re-connected the whole circuit after disconnection, Ez Ice
stop running any sort of Activity.
The following error appeared even when i changed my EVAL Board to EZ-
Kit 2189M.

"EZ-ICE Driver.
Fetal Firmware get packet retry limit reached without success"
Error Code: 0x80004005
Unspecified Error.

We already have gone through this problem but even on that time
EzIce's Activity LED keeps blinking. but now it blinks once and goes
off. We have tried the possible solution already sent by dsptool
Support. i.e: "Delete all Sessions List from Registry" but its not
working as well. We donot find any Physical Damage to the EzICe as
we have checked all connections and capacitors and resisitor and all
are ok.
Can u guide us to the solution of this Problem?
We will be obliged.